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Give me a word and any fandom/pairing/character and I shall write you a drabble for it.

Open to all my fwiiieeends~

[real life] This is Their Story
 There is a boy in a Lit class. Just like any other boy in any other class on LCC campus you'd think, but no. No you see what sets this kid apart from any other kid in this class of literature and the understanding of it was Cassia's growing uncontrollable urge to punch him in the throat with each proclamation of infallibility that came from his mouth and his insistence to argue against everything that was said to him.

Now most would argue to question the things told to you by figures of authority was a healthy branching of the mind and would suggest if you will, a level of free thinking and individualism. Instead however it produced the opposite effect, giving him a closed view of the world he claimed to be so enlightened of.
Indeed, it was the beginning of the end for this boys literary career as quoth the red haired girl behind him, "I swear to god I am going to chuck this book at your eye if you input your personal commentary again."

This is their story.

[supernatural] Untitled (1/?)
Title: Untitled (1/?)  
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Characters: Ben Braeden, Claire Novak  (Characters are formed off the basis made on those from [info]betenoire_rp
Genre: Not sure yet. Somewhere between a romance, family drama and a tragedy.
This is also the intended follow up of a story I haven't even written yet  which involves a lot of Casanna because I am a huge tool and I self indulge myself with angst and angel sex. But it's a tragedy, so THAT'S FUN. Let's call it the story of how Castiel discovered orgies and why Dean never fixed the impala. That's what is important.

This is a prologue to the story that I haven't written the prologue to yet.
It's a prologue 2.0

Ben has himself a Chevy Nova in this fic.Collapse )

Heat of the Moment: A look at Dean Winchester's Coping Methods

When you think about it, it hasn’t just all been barbecues and construction working for Dean that whole year without Sam. Sometime through that entire year he had to cope with not only the loss of Sam, but the sudden disappearance of Castiel and the forced separation of himself and Bobbie while trying to respect his thought-to-be deceased brothers final wishes.

You could say Dean had a choice in picking whether he wanted to honor Sam’s request, but through the evidence of his devotion to his brother, I don’t believe he had that luxury. It was his one way of staying close to Sam after he died, by living the life Sam had wanted for him…but Dean never states he truly wants this life for himself.

Now let’s recap to Swan Song and summarize what Dean has to deal with alone for a year.
  • The death of his brother
  • The loss of what could be called his best friend
  • The loss of his only remaining father figure in his life
Those things are easier listed then really understood. The immensity of his grief and anger at that year was not shown in an explosion of rage in one heated moment because that isn’t how Dean acts. Dean seethes, keeping his rage and his pain bottled up for weeks, for months before he finally can’t hold it in anymore. But don’t take my word for it, look at Everybody Loves a Clown. Dean represses the memory and the pain of his fathers death for two episodes before finally attacking the impala, which could even be symbolic of an attack on his father since the connection between the car and John.

When confronted with his impending death, Dean represses his fear until the tenth episode, Dream a Little Dream of Me and when he finally does crack under the stress of his emotions, he attacks the dream representation of himself because this time it was his own choices and his own self loathing for being saved that drove him to sacrifice his life for Sam’s.

And now that cycle of repression and explosion have happened again in You Can’t Handle the Truth where Dean releases all the pain of the loss of Sam, Castiel and Bobbie (and just recently Lisa and Ben) unto his brother, the person who all that pain can be tied to. If Sam hadn’t died none of this would have happened, and as selfish as the thought is, in the heaaaaat of the moment, Dean would disregard that logic.

After the catharis is found, Dean has always shown that he then is willing to open up and accept his brothers compassion (regarding his father’s death and his own) and now we can only wait and see what he will open up to after the events of You Can’t Handle the Truth.

[Supernatural] Even in Heaven
Title: Even in Heaven
based off the quote by Louisa May Alcott, “I never wanted to go away, and the hard part now is the leaving you all. I'm not afraid, but it seems as if I should be homesick for you even in heaven.”
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Prompt: A Long Way from Home
Genre: General

The Angel had been silent all night...Collapse )

[Supernatural] A Glint of Binding Light
Title: A Glint of Binding Light
Rating: None
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: 334
Prompt: Ties that Bind, Dean and Castiel table
Genere: General, romance if you squint some.

Something inside of him...Collapse )

[Supernatural] Dean and Castiel prompt table
01.Ties that Bind 02.A Long Way from Home 03.A Little Girl Needs her Daddy 04.Tangled Up 05.Delicate
06.Black Dog 07.Clean 08.Aim High 09.Soft Drink 10.Sharing Clothes

[Barking Irons] Texting Dorkness
Will (01:22:23): You're up to something
Jack (01:22:59): :3c orly?
Will (01:23:10): y rly
Will (01:23:13): I will find out what it is :/
Jack (01:23:19): 83c
Will (01:23:24): >:T

[Barking Irons] Icons
1 2 3
4 5 6

Grey - Isolde based Icon
Rust - Will based Icon
Blue - Jack based Icon
Blue-Purple - General based Icon
Green - Green Lady based Icon
Pale Green - Nathaniel based Icon

[Axis Powers Hetalia] Never Never (1956) [2/2]
Finally, now that this is done I can focus completely on my epic Isolde vs evil Vampire bitch and her male harem. It's pretty much amazing.

Title: Never Never (1956) [2/2]
Rating: R (flat out smuttyness in this one)
Characters: Russia, Hungary
Summary: DATE IS RELEVANT~ Lawl. Basically, shows the one intimate moment between the two being the last, and triggering a backlash of WORST EPIC FIGHTING EVER
WARNINGS: I just wanted to leave a note saying for all those who are fortunate to actually speak Russian that the wording I've used will most likely be awkward or wrong (haha) as I used translators and such seeing as I don't speak a word of it :P I ask that you suspend disbelieve and just ignore it please, unless you can offer a better on then I will happily exchange the sentence structure for an accurate one. As far as "translating" the text, pretty much Russia later says what he did say so don't worry about it too much, your not missing any part of the story. The last word is in Hungarian however and means "Revolution".

Please enjoy the last installment of this fic, and I do apologize for the angst factor, but while I like the Russia/Hungary pairing at this time in history it is simply impossible for them to have a normal relationship. haha
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It had probably seemed insignificant at the time when she mentioned it to Russia, why she had remembered so clearly what book it was she had hit him in the face with.Collapse )


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